THE CAPTAIN’S HEART is the drama of a man who navigates his ship through two World Wars, shipwrecks, terror, loneliness and longings. And who after 50 years at sea has to realize both his family and the world has changed.

Years after the death of the captain, Simon inherits his grandfather’s sea chest, and thus begins an adventure for Simon to find out who his much admired grandfather really was.

We are thrilled to have been selected for the CPH:DOX programme 2022 and look forward to sharing this story with the World!

The danish version of the film poster. Designed by Lars Gregers.

The director’s grandfather; Captain Knud V. Goth aboard his wrecked ship, spring 1945 in Norway.

Captain Knud V. Goth on the quay next to the steamer S/S “Otto Petersen”, probably in a Mexican port in 1930s.

Captain Knud V. Goth aboard the steamer S/S “T. M. Werner” in Kaolack, West Africa, 1920s.
Goth sits as nr. 2 from the right.

S/S “Otto Petersen” went on an English mine in the Drammen Fjord in Norway,
on 12 January 1945. The ship lay in the fjord for a whole year before it was towed home to Denmark

Several scenes in the film are created as animations which are placed on top of photos and postcards.

Knud Valdemar Goth & his wife Anna Goth, (born Larsen) met each other at a ball on Bogø.